About Jai Tulunad ®

Jai Tulunad ® is one of the Tulu organization Registered by Govt. started in Mulki - Aug 10, 2014 and registered on 10 Aug 2015.

Current Challenges for Tulu Language

Even though Tulu language has rich culture, is one of the oldest Dravidian languages, has it's own script still it hasn't managed to become an official language in any state of Republic of India. It is also not recognized as a scheduled language in India.

Helping all Tuluvas to learn Tulu Script and demanding the Government to teach Tulu language using Tulu script in schools of Tulunad.

Stop changing names of places in Tulunad from Tulu to other languages.

Jai Tulunad ® - Let's join hands together.

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Why we need to be united ?

One point we would like to highlight here is , this success belongs to all the Tuluva, we have worked with multiple organization, in support of Karnataka & Kerala Tulu Sahitya Academies, all Tuluvas & Non Tuluvas support to reach this far.

Jai Tulunad has 60+ members who know Tulu Script, Last year we started "Bale Tulu Lipi Kalpuga" Tulu script classes in Karla, Odipu & Kudla. We are planning to start the same in all over Tulunad and outside Tulunad where many Tuluvas are settled.

30+ professional teachers are trained to teach Tulu script .

  • Have started Twitter campaigns, Creating posters onin Tulu language, its script & Tulu Festival in Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Preamble in Tulu Script.

  • Next year few primary schools are planning to include Tulu script learning as a special classes.

  • Recognition given to the people those who are really working for Tulu language and its development.

  • Member of Jai Tulunad are also involved in social services, NGO, blood donation camps and many more causes .

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