Tutorial - MS Word 2008+

AA is the ligature to get

Ligatures are decorative or joined characters that are available for certain characters in fonts.
In Baravu fe
w characters are ligatures.

Here is the link to enable in MS Word 2008 and above

Support for Ligatures is limited for MS Word 2007 and below.
Notepad supports ligatures natively.

Below are steps to enable ligatures in MS Word 2008+

Step 1

  • Start writing anything in the word document. Assuming we have choosen Baravu font.

  • For now let us take example of AA, Without ligature support something like this will be displayed

Step 2

  • Select the text then right click on it, for context menu

  • Click on Font

Step 3

  • Click on combobox Ligatures

  • Select All option

  • Click on OK

Step 4

  • Done!should be displayed as expected.