Bale Tulu Lipi Kalpuga

  • In a joint online Tulu script learning program 'Bale Tulu Lipi Kalpuga' by Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy and Jai Tulunad®, more than 2000 people have learnt Tulu script and are writing Tulu script exam. Along with online classes, these organizations with the support of local organizations are conducting Tulu script classes at various places of Tulunad. These Free Tulu script learning classes have received huge support from everywhere.

  • In the online learning program by Jai Tulunad ® and Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy one can easily learn to read and write. Tulu script within 30 days. Unique feature of this program is one can learn script whenever he/she is free.

  • In the online format GIF(Graphic Interchange Format) images, videos , WhatsApp stickers are employed to teach the structure of Tulu letters, along with the instructions of teacher. Students have to write down the letters as per the instructions and send the photo of the same in the WhatsApp group. Teachers will correct it.

  • In direct classes interested people gather at a place and learn Tulu Script. One can ask any doubt regarding the script directly with teacher itself.

List of Toppers of Tulu Lipi Exam (July 2020)

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